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Send Mail To An Inmate In Century Regional Detention Facility

What Not To Send

Do not send an inmate the following items. This could quickly lead to your own arrest and the inmate getting more charges

  • Drugs of any kind, even over the counter items.
  • Anything that could cause harm to another
  • “Happy Letters”, those soaked in an illegal substance or written with one
  • Really, anything other than a written letter and/or photos is not allowed
  • Nude photography is not allowed inside or from the outside of the jail

Mailing Address

Century Regional Detention Facility

11705 South Alameda Street
Lynwood, CA 90262

Send mail to the above address and allow up to a business week for staff to sort through and inspect all mail for contraband.

Do not send packages to inmates at the Century Regional Detention Facility, as they do not allow for the delivery of a package.

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