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Find An Inmate In Century Regional Detention Facility

How To Lookup An Inmate

  • Make sure that you have the inmates full name. This is first, last and sometimes may require the middle name or initial to find the right person.
  • When you do your inmate search, make sure that you have the persons date of birth so that they are more easily found.
  • Booking numbers are not necessary but can help with location.
  • When a person is taken into custody there may be a short delay before they are processed through intake. It’s best to have the time and date they were picked up as a reference point when someone is looking for an inmate online.

Inmate Search Guidelines

Inmate information for the most part is publicly available. This means that if you want to lookup a loved one and see what they were charged with, how long they’ve been in jail and where they are, this information can be easily found online.

When doing a search, keep in mind that you should not have to pay for public access. While some of these websites do exist, you are able to do a free inmates search online for people in in the Lynwood jail, or any jail for that matter.

Anyone can access the information though, so keep in mind that depending on your loved ones case, this could mean reporters or other parties as well.

Inmate Search Form

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